Every year during the Calgary Stampede the ubiquitous ‘beef on a bun’ is served at functions across town. I always wished there was a vegetarian option that was more than just a plain bun. When I thought about starting this blog the name Beet On A Bun came to mind. Being a so-called vegan in a city that is lovingly called Cow Town isn’t always easy – but it is getting easier.

Beet On A Bun is written and edited by me, Melanie. My background is in writing and photography. I studied at Concordia University (English and History) and then, after many years as your favourite barista (just kidding, I was never anyone’s favourite barista) I attended SAIT (to study journalism). I started blogging in 2000 and have been at it more or less ever since (sometimes I have to take a break because I have another baby and lose my mind for a bit – I wish I was joking about that).

Five years ago my husband read The China Study to me during those fuzzy days of non-stop nursing right after our second daughter was born.  This book and the discussions it generated propelled our decision to change our diet and we haven’t looked back. Due the decision to raise three little beetniks on a whole foods, plant-based diet, we get a lot of questions – so this blog is a way to answer some of them. In addition to that I want to create a resource where people can find vegan/vegetarian friendly food in Calgary. You can also expect a lot of recipes involving beets. We really do like beets in this family.

Any questions?: melanie.masterson@gmail.com

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