Food goals: I made pickles the other day

A small batch of fridge pickles. This is something I have wanted to do for years and the other night, after Sparks & Brownies and then a school council meeting, I came home and made pickles.


Now, I know that sounds like I am some super achiever but I want to make one thing clear: I rarely have the energy to go out at night. The most I can usually do after dinner is put kids to bed and then collapse on my bed and read until I’m not allowed to read anymore (and hope that somewhere along the way the kitchen magically cleaned itself). I say this so you can understand just how easy it was to make these pickles. I was done by 9:30 and still had time to collapse on my bed and read.

These days I have two main food goals: make more food from scratch and waste less food. These cucumbers were on their last legs and it was a do-or-die moment. I had bought the supplies at least a week before and this wouldn’t have been the first time life got in the way and everything went into the bin with me feeling, once again, like a big failure of a pickle-maker.

Big chunks of Hutterite garlic

I think small batch canning is going to be the way to go for our family for a while. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in making big batches of things that it is either a) overwhelming or b) leads to food waste when we realize that our family of five really didn’t need two dozen muffins. I tried to use as much local ingredients as possible as well. The cucumbers are from The Cucumber Man and I also used elephant garlic from the Hutterites all of which I got at the local Co-op. We haven’t even tried these pickles yet but I’m hopeful. If they work out I will tweak the recipe and post it here – plus I suspect I will be pickling everything all winter.

(Full disclosure: I do write for the Calgary Co-op blog but I don’t get paid to shop there or mention them on my personal blog. I mention them because they are a great source of local produce and are all over the city.)

4 thoughts on “Food goals: I made pickles the other day

  1. I will be getting this recipe from you. Even with all the time we’ve had on our hands with the older kids in school (snort), I haven’t managed to finish canning /juicing the crabapples I picked the week before school started.

    1. You won’t be getting this recipe from me – something seems to be missing. We had our first taste test last night and they tasted more vinegary than pickley (which I am sure is an odd distinction). We added some more salt but I’m going to have to try again. How about I just give you a jar and you can try them yourself and I can hurry up and make another batch.

    1. I love the Oh She Glows cookbook. We had the Monster Green Smoothie for breakfast. I think the great thing about that cookbook is that everyone I know loves it – vegans, meat eaters, and people who fall somewhere in between. I will be doing a review of that one too eventually but I honestly haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like it. And it is full of comfort food which is awesome. I was thinking of making the Sweet Potato and Black Bean enchiladas for dinner since I have sweet potatoes growing arms on my counter. 😉

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