It may be a bit of a false-start, but it is still a start


I had some really fantastic plans to launch this blog on September 1st (I like doing things on the first of the month, it’s like a chance to reset the clock and start all those good habits that fell away during the last three weeks of the previous month). Honestly, my plans were great: I was going to have a couple cookbook reviews ready and a soup recipe or two and finish the story of how my daughter was afraid to tell us what she was eating at preschool shortly after we switched our diet.

However, the biggest thing I have been doing for the last few weeks is trying to keep our heads above water since a really nasty stomach virus is making it’s way – for the second time – through the house. It’s pretty much puke-central around here and it isn’t over yet.

Even with all that I still want to launch this blog on the first of September, so here we are. What a wonderful day to start something. My middle child started her first day of Kindergarten today (oldest child is too sick to go anywhere, probably for the rest of the week). I should probably post my favourite feel-better soup recipe that is packed with all kinds of vegetables and kind protein (and by kind I mean kind on the tummy to give some energy when sick). I did say this blog was “the adventures of a whole-foods, plant-based family” and what is more adventuresome than a family that can’t stop puking?

More fun soon. Promise.

2 thoughts on “It may be a bit of a false-start, but it is still a start

  1. That was me a few months ago! I had all these plans to relaunch my blog with a bunch of posts ready to go and then life just got in the way. Finally I just got sick of waiting and posted. 🙂

    Anyway, congrats on the new blog. The logo is wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing some good recipes!

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